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Zest Clinic: Sculpting Beauty, Enhancing Health, Crafting Longevity - Your Journey to a Vibrant Life Starts Here.

At Zest Clinic, we believe that health sets the foundation for your overall well-being. And to experience life at its finest, being in good health is crucial! Through patient-centric medicine, as well as personalized treatments, we are committed to helping everyone who walks through our doors take a step toward being better versions of themselves.

Furthermore, our model of care can be described in four words; Proactive, Preventive, Personalised, and Predictive. Be it in prescribing medications, recommending treatments, or diagnosing our patients, all the steps we take are ensured to reflect these phrases!

We not only want the best for our patients, but also for the environment around us. Being passionate advocated towards sustainability, we also continuously make efforts in reducing our carbon footprint!

Begin your journey to being a better you with us today at Zest Clinic.

Our Philosophy:

At Zest clinic, we believe in the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and aesthetic health. We embrace the art and science of aesthetics, understanding how signs of beauty impact our lives. Our commitment goes beyond providing immediate solutions; it focuses on holistic wellness, addressing various skin and health conditions, from acne and fine lines to weight management.

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including injectables, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, Laser for Skin, Snoring reduction and weight loss programs, to ensure our patients feel their best both inside and out. Our model of care is personalized, anticipating each patient’s unique needs. We value honesty and adherence to the principle of ‘do no harm’, ensuring the safety and efficacy of all our procedures. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve beauty, vitality, and longevity

Our clinic also advocates for sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint to safeguard the environment. We believe in the message of ‘One Planet, One People, One Health’, underlining our responsibility to contribute to a healthier, more vibrant world for all. This is our promise to you: to enhance your beauty, promote your health, and infuse vitality into your life.

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Dr Sankeerth Reddy

Co-Founder, Zest Clinic

Dr Tiffany Yeo-Reddy

Co-Founder, Zest Clinic