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Forehead and Temple Enhancement

Every facial expression involves muscle contractions. Over time, these movements lead to a build-up of fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, it gets harder for our skin to repair itself because collagen production slows down and our skin begins to lose its elasticity. When this occurs, the creases brought on by our facial movements become permanent. This is where forehead and temple enhancement come in.

What is forehead and temple enhancement?

Forehead and temple enhancement is obtained through the use of dermal fillers. It helps to replenish the forehead and temple, giving the upper part of your face a lift and reducing the prominence of deep lines. It softens the hollow areas by plumping them up, thus giving you a fresh and youthful appearance. Dermal fillers for your forehead and temple are non-surgical and non-invasive, but are able to rejuvenate your face much like a mini facelift would.

How does forehead and temple enhancement work?

Forehead and temple enhancement works by plumping up hollow or sunken areas of the skin with dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid. Once these areas have been treated, your fine lines, wrinkles, and hollow areas will appear plump and smooth, leaving you looking refreshed and youthful.

Forehead and temple enhancement at Zest Clinic involves the following steps:

  • Initial consultation with a facial assessment from our team to pinpoint precise areas that require fillers.
  • Numbing cream is applied to the treatment area. (Dr Reddy, please confirm)
  • Next, fillers are injected using a sterile syringe in a downward direction and avoiding veins, enabling smooth distribution and reduced bruising.
  • Once all the target areas have been treated, your face will be cleaned up and massaged to encourage evenness.

Benefits of forehead and temple enhancement

  • Restores volume in hollow temples
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Safe and effective
  • Natural-looking mini facelift
  • Non-invasive
  • Increases firmness of skin
  • Quick 15-30 minutes procedure
  • Low downtime
  • Long-lasting but not permanent
  • Stimulates natural collagen production

Suitable candidates for forehead and temple enhancement

Individuals with the following issues are suitable candidates for forehead and temple enhancement:

  • Hollow or depleted looking temple area
  • Wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead
  • Look older than you feel
  • Droopy brow area
  • Saggy eyelids

To get the best results of your procedure you must:

  • Stop smoking: smoking has been known to reduce blood flow to the skin, increasing your chances of tissue damage, and hindering healing and recovery.
  • Stop some medications: certain medications such as aspirins and anti-inflammatory drugs thin your blood making you more susceptible to bleeding during and after the procedure.

What results can I expect?

You should expect to see smoother and plumper skin immediately after the procedure. Swelling should resolve itself within a few days, leaving you with a natural-looking, rejuvenated face.

You must avoid the following after your treatment:

  • Sleeping face down: do not put any pressure on your face and temple for a few days. Sleep lying flat on your back.
  • Intense exercise: do not participate in any intense exercise for two days after your treatment.
  • Touching your face: try not to touch your face as it might still be tender after treatment. You may gently clean your face to avoid any infections.
  • Sun exposure: sun exposure is one of the main causes of aging skin. Always wear good quality sunscreen before you leave the house.

How many treatment sessions are required?

  • The amount of treatment sessions depends on the size of your treatment area, the extent of your wrinkles, fine lines, and hollowness, and your desired results. On average, three to six sessions are required, and results can last anywhere from six months to a year.

    There are several factors that determine the longevity of your forehead and temple enhancement treatment, these are:

    • Age
    • Amount and placement of dermal fillers
    • Type of dermal filler used

Frequently asked questions

How much does forehead and temple enhancement cost in Singapore?

Prices are charged per syringe of filler, each syringe costs $1200. Total cost of a forehead and temple enhancement depends on how many syringes are required. (Dr Reddy, please confirm pricing)

Are filler injections painful?

Some pain is to be expected with this procedure but depending on the type of filler used, anaesthesia or numbing cream will be used to dull the pain. Some fillers have anaesthesia diluted in them to help reduce the pain and numbing cream can also be applied to the treatment area.

Is there any downtime for filler injections?

Some swelling and mild bruising should be expected after treatment. These should resolve within a few days depending on how well your body heals.

Are filler injections safe?

Filler injections are considered safe and effective but must be done by a specialist. At Zest Clinic, our doctors are experienced and certified, allowing you to have a safe and reassuring journey with us.