Women's Health Services

Women’s Health

Zest Clinic provides holistic and comprehensive women’s health services for women from all walks of life. Our clinic is a private and discreet space dedicated to helping you manage your general and sexual health, on your journey to a better quality of life.

Benefits of women’s health screening

Health screening examinations are a great long-term preventive measure for women of all ages. It can help support prompt diagnosis, enhance your quality of life and identify any possible illnesses or diseases early. We strongly advise all women to take charge of their health and undergo routine health examinations to ensure their body is at their best and healthiest.

Our List of Services
Our clinic provides a full range of services targeting general and sexual health.

● Weight Loss
If you are experiencing rapid weight loss or have difficulty gaining weight, you might be suffering from an underlying medical condition. Identifying the cause can help in finding a solution to get you to a healthy weight or diagnosing an underlying medical condition.

If are experiencing missed or irregular periods, excess hair growth, acne, infertility and weight, you might be suffering from PCOS. PCOS is a medical condition which causes women to have difficulties ovulating, thus, leading to unsuccessful attempts at conceiving. PCOS is caused by high levels of androgens and small cysts on your ovaries.

If you have been trying to conceive within the last year with no success, you might be experiencing infertility. An infertility screening will help you identify any underlying medical conditions that could be preventing you from successfully conceiving.

Female infertility can be caused by:
● Age
● Smoking
● Weight
● Sexual history
● Alcohol consumption
● Family history of female infertility

● Weight gain
Weight gain happens with age. When your metabolism slows down, it might be harder for you to lose weight compared to your younger years. However, rapid weight gain can be a sign of an underlying health condition. Identifying the cause can help in finding a solution to get you to a healthy weight or to diagnose a medical condition before it gets worse.

● Stress management
Stress can lead to some serious health conditions without proper treatment. If you are experiencing stress, it might not be enough to just identify a trigger and could mean something else related to your health. Managing your stress will help to gain better control in situations that could possibly be a trigger.

● Sexual Health
Sexual health is an important part of life and having good sexual health benefits both you and your sexual partners. Getting comfortable with asking questions related to sexual health is the first big step when it comes to caring about yourself. At Zest Clinic, we offer a range of sexual health screening and consultations with our doctor will offer you advice on actions you can take moving forward or if any treatments are required post-screening.

● Urinary Incontinence management
● Vaginal laxity and pelvic floor functional assessment
● Contraceptive advice
● Adolescent health
● Menopause

Health screening including iron and nutritional deficiencies. We provide a wide range of nutritional and health supplements. On site IV iron infusion service available.