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Salmon DNA Booster

What is Salmon DNA Booster?

Salmon DNA booster is an all-in-one treatment that strengthens and boosts the skin’s natural regeneration ability while increasing hydration and moisture. It’s an effective treatment to reduce facial wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Extracted from salmon in Korea, the biocompatible substance also promotes collagen production to treat skin conditions and repair tissue damage such as melasma, acne scarring and redness.

How does Salmon DNA Booster work?

Salmon DNA booster is an injectable skin booster that can be administered by our doctors. It can also be combined with other dermal fillers such as botox to provide an uplifting and tightening effect on the skin while reducing the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

It works by increasing the body’s natural defense ability to heal the skin and increases facial volume where necessary, while boosting collagen production. This is why it’s known as an all-in-one treatment, as it addresses every skin laxity and elasticity issue –  from hydration to regeneration –  to drastically improve skin health and appearance.

By stimulating the body’s natural regeneration ability, Salmon DNA booster gives the skin a boost to repair and hydrate the skin from the inside out for more sustainable and long-lasting results.

It’s also a simple and quick procedure with minimal downtime and pain. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Benefits of Salmon DNA Booster

  • All-in-one treatment
  • Effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Tightens and firms the skin with a natural lift
  • Provides a youthful appearance
  • Repairs skin damage and scarring
  • Allows natural tissue regeneration for long-lasting effects

Suitable candidates for Salmon DNA Booster in Singapore

Both men and women who are experiencing the signs of aging or wish to prevent aging symptoms such as wrinkles and saggy skin are suitable candidates for Salmon DNA booster. If you are pregnant, nursing or have certain medical conditions, you may not be eligible.

Book a consultation to find out if you’re a suitable candidate for Salmon DNA booster.

What results can I expect?

After three to five sessions of Salmon DNA booster, you can expect to see a clear improvement in your skin texture and tone. You can also expect to see a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, while skin should feel tighter and firmer. If you have acne scarring, melasma or other types of tissue damage, Salmon DNA booster can be effective in reducing and treating these conditions as well.

As Salmon DNA booster stimulates your body’s natural collagen production and regeneration ability, you can also expect your skin to get firmer and clearer.

Results are subjective to an individual’s skin condition, age and genetics.

How many treatment sessions are required?

Depending on the individual and skin condition, approximately three to five sessions (performed every two weeks) of Salmon DNA booster are typically recommended for the best results.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for Salmon DNA booster to work?

Results can be seen as soon as one week after treatment, with the skin becoming more hydrated and smoother. Two to four weeks after the first session, as the skin heals and collagen starts to regenerate, you will notice a significant improvement in skin tightening and  visible wrinkle reduction.

What are the side effects of Salmon DNA booster injection?

There are no severe side effects of Salmon DNA booster, as it contains biocompatible DNA fragments that are very similar to the human body. Mild side effects that are common are usually redness, swelling and pain which lasts about 2 days at the most.

How often can I go for Salmon DNA booster treatment?

You can return for Salmon DNA booster sessions every four to six months, depending on your doctor’s advice and skin condition.