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Eye Bag and Dark Eye Circle Removal

Eye bags and dark eye circles make us appear more tired and older than we are. Unfortunately, the best eye creams and skincare have only a mild effect, with most acting as concealers rather than cures. The first step we can take in eye bags and dark eye circles removal is understanding what they are and what causes them.

What are eye bags?

Eye bags are benign swelling or puffiness that occur under the eye. The eyes are held in place by tissues such as the skin, muscles, ligaments, and fats. However, as we get older our skin and muscles start to weaken and lose their elasticity or strength. When this happens, the fats that were initially helping to hold the eyes in place, no longer have the support they require and hence, begin to bulge forward into the lower eyelids giving rise to eye bags or puffy eyes.

What are the causes of eye bags?

There are a number of factors that cause the skin, muscles, and ligaments to lose their elasticity and strength, these are:

● Ageing
● Water retention
● Allergies
● Smoking
● Genetics
● Lack of sleep
● Some medical conditions

What are dark eye circles?

Another phenomenon that tends to happen alongside eye bags are dark eye circles. Some people have both eye bags and dark eye circles while some are only affected by one. Much like eye bags, dark eye circles are fairly common and make you look older or more tired than you actually are. Dark eye circles are dark patches of skin beneath your eyes and may appear purple/blue, brown, or black.

What are the causes of dark eye circles?

There are several factors that contribute to dark eye circles, these are:

  • Genetics
  • Ageing
  • Fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Rubbing your eyes
  • Smoking

How does eye bags and dark eye circle removal work?

Although both eye bags and dark eye circles are benign conditions and usually not linked to any serious medical condition, they can be removed or reduced especially if they are causing you social and emotional discomfort.

Our doctors at Zest Clinic offer the following non-surgical solutions for eye bags and dark eye circles removal:

  • Lasers: Fotona SMOOTH® eye laser is effective for removing dark eye circles and eye bags. The Fotona SMOOTH® eye laser encourages the production of collagen around the eyes, resulting in tightened, resurfaced, and plumped skin, improving the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. It also helps to remove wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Fillers: Teosyal Puresense Redensity 2 was specifically designed for individuals with hollow or sunken eyes and tear troughs. These fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid which help to plump up the area and reduce the appearance of sunken eyes and tear troughs, hence improving, or even eradicating dark eye circles and eye bags. Dermal fillers are another type of filler available at Zest Clinic to improve dark eye circles and eye bags.

Benefits of eye bag and dark eye circle removal

  • Look younger and more alert
  • No/little downtime
  • Quick procedure
  • No scarring
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced appearance of wrinkles around eyes
  • Natural-looking results
  • Long-term results
  • Gentle treatment
  • Non-invasive

Suitable candidates for eye bags and dark eye circles removal in Singapore

Individuals with the following issues are suitable candidates for eye bags and dark eye circles removal:

  • Look older and more tired than you are
  • Saggy skin around the eyes
  • Darkened pigmentation below the eyes
  • Swollen or puffy under eyes

Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding are not suitable candidates.

To get the best results of your procedure you must:

  • Stop smoking: smoking has been known to reduce blood flow to the skin, increasing your chances of tissue damage, and hindering healing and recovery.
  • Stop some medications: certain medications such as aspirins and anti-inflammatory drugs thin your blood making you more susceptible to bleeding during and after the procedure.

What results can I expect?

You should expect to see improvement in the pigmentation and reduced puffiness in the skin below your eyes after the procedure. Swelling should resolve itself within a few days, leaving you with a younger and more alert appearance.

You must avoid the following after your treatment as they may result in more bruising and hinder your recovery:

  • Alcohol
  • Physical activity
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

How many treatment sessions are required?

Results from treatment with lasers and fillers to remove eye bags and dark eye circles are usually immediate. However, some individuals may require a follow-up treatment depending on the severity of their issue.

Frequently asked questions

Can eye bags and dark eye circles be removed permanently?

Fillers and lasers are long-term solutions that last up to a year. Not only does this lengthen with each treatment you complete, the number of fillers or laser intensity you require for each session reduces. (Dr Reddy please confirm)

How much does eye bags and dark eye circles removal cost?

Filler cost from $800
Laser cost from $288

Are eye bags and dark eye circles removal safe?

Yes, these are safe treatment solutions in the hands of our doctors at Zest. You may experience some swelling and mild bruising, but these will heal in the days following your treatment.

Are eye bags and dark eye circles removal painful?

Both the Fotona SMOOTH eye laser and the Teosyal Puresense Redensity 2 dermal fillers are non-invasive and hence cause little or no pain. However, if you are still nervous, numbing creams and solutions can be used prior to treatment to alleviate any discomfort you may feel from the treatment.